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My Unique Buying Services

You are about to embark not only on one of the largest purchases in your lifetime but it could also be one of the most emotional purchases as well.  Finding your dream home is as important to me as it is to you, so it’s imperative you receive the best professional service available.  Don’t settle for anything less.

I do not just provide the normal Realtor services but go above and beyond to protect and guide my buyers through the process, keeping the transaction stress free and on track.

Above the normal Realtor duties my unique added values are

– Advanced education with a GRI designation that is held by only 10% of the Realtors in the country along with 100’s of hours acquiring other designations.

– Consult with the buyer as to where we are in the Real Estate cycle, and what appreciation you can look forward to.

– Recommendation of three efficient mortgage companies/brokers for pre-qualification to ascertain the correct buying price point to focus on.

– There is no need to crisscross Jacksonville looking at every home which is not only exhausting but becomes very confusing when you see too many houses.

– Thoroughly understand your required lifestyle, needs, and wants with both geographical location and property desires.

Provide all the pertinent information to make an informed decision

– Designated with a certification in negotiation with the extra skillset to have an advantage.

– In-depth construction knowledge and related costs make reading the Home Inspection Report advantageous for renegotiation.

– Review your property tax situation, portable tax, and qualifying property tax discount allowances.

– Provide referrals for homeowner insurance, Home Inspection, tradesmen/women.

– Before any offers are made, an in-depth market analysis will be performed to establish the true property value.

-Meeting at the closing table will be a happy occasion with all aspects of legal research already complete and double-checked.

– Provide post-closing information like utilities, homestead applications, cable resources.

– An agent that promptly answers emails, texts, and phone calls anytime of the day. See video and written testimonies here and on

Click here to download directly to your inbox the followingAn 8-page buyer’s guide packed with must know information before buying your home.

  • Finding the right agent, prepare financing, pre-approval, shopping
  • Making offers, escrow, inspections, negotiating
  • Everything you need to know to make an informed decision
  • Closing day

Open communication providing updates as they transpire, listening very carefully to your questions and concerns, and managing the transaction into a smooth, no surprise experience.

“Here is our promise to you.”

My unique buying services could be just a list of words, but if I do not fulfill my obligation to you by providing a successful and stress-free transaction, I will make it up to you by providing you with a voucher for two for a 5-day, 4-night cruise to the Bahamas. *Certificate Recipient is responsible for taxes, and fees*

By fulfilling my promises, the highest compliment I can receive is a referral which goes a long way to helping me secure my next client.

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